Rachel Paige
Updated May 27, 2016 7:09 am

There are spoilers ahead. There’s also going to be a big discussion about Margaery’s beautiful long, brown hair.

In the upcoming Game of Thrones episode, “Blood of my Blood,” it appears as if Margaery is going to make her own Shame Walk through the streets of King’s Landing, just like Cersei did at the very end of Season 5. No one wants this to happen, from Margaery, to her grandmother Olenna, to even Cersei.


It’s speculated that Cersei doesn’t want this to happen, because she’s actually setting up a big trap for Margaery’s family, the Tyrells, and she’s hoping to lure their army to King’s Landing and have them fight the Faith of the Seven, the group that is currently holding Margaery and about to make her walk around with our favorite Shame Nun. From the previews for “Blood of My Blood,” it’s clear that armies show up to fight. But as you know, Game of Thrones loves its SURPRISES.

Margaery also still has her long hair in the previews, which is WEIRD. Cersei had her hair chopped completely off before her Shame Walk. That brings us to a new theory from Reddit user AlaerysTargaryen, that suggests Margaery isn’t about to make her own Shame Walk. She’s about to fully convert to the Faith of the Seven.


“I think this is not going to be a walk of shame, but something akin to a confession of sins before the people,” AlaerysTargaryen writes. “By default she is already a Seven practicant, so I think she will [sic] anounce that she indeed is converting , but will actually take the vow of a Septa, meaning this she is renouncing her family name, her position as Queen, all of the stuff that the HS hates and has [sic] acussed her of being proud.”

But WHY would she do this? Right now, Margaery has really been cornered, and not only needs to take care of herself, but she needs to take care of her brother, Loras, also imprisoned by the Faith of the Seven. Last we saw the two of them together, Margaery was keeping it together, Loras was not. It makes sense if Margaery cozies up to the Faith of the Seven “in order to spare Loras.”

But what about Margaery’s husband, Tommen? Well, he’s got to meet some bitter end, just like all of Cersei’s children. Her converting, and leaving him behind, might actually undo him.

AlaerysTargaryen finishes, “Tommen will be heartbroken and this is what leads him to his death.”

It’s an interesting theory, and would certainly throw a huge twist into Cersei’s plans to keep control of King’s Landing. Is Margaery really going to be the one to completely undo the Lannister’s rule?