Toria Sheffield
February 08, 2017 6:04 am
Mandy Moore /

WARNING: Some minor spoilers ahead!

Okay, if you watched last night’s episode of This Is Us, then you’ll know that a huge theme of the episode was marriage…and also, divorce. And we also learned that Rebecca’s blossoming singing career is coming at one of the worst times in terms of her relationship with Jack.

And as it turns out, Mandy Moore’s real life parents were less-than-impressed with her character’s decision to go on tour with her band at a time when things are strained at home. Just look at the texts they sent her after the episode aired (via Mandy’s Insta):

Okay, firstly, LOL. These were basically the most “parenty” texts imaginable, and we love it. Moore’s mom thinks Rebecca has “issues,” and hopes her character comes across as “nicer” in future eps (which is, like, such a mom think to want). AND SIDE NOTE: We’re with Moore on this one! What issues?! Does wanting to follow your dreams make you the bad guy? UGH MOMS!

Welp, we guess we can always rely on our parents to help us keep it real…even when we’re famous TV stars on the biggest show of the year.

Now, what do you guys think? Do you agree with Mama and Papa Moore on Rebecca’s big news? Or are you totally on Team Mandy? All we know for sure is that we hope Moore shares more of these texts next week, because they made our morning.