This Is Us is not the same as, say, Game of Thrones. There’s mystery and family, granted, but it’s still a soap-y drama. But fan theories still run as rampant for This Is Us as they do for those heavier, deeply-plotted shows. And Mandy Moore is as surprised by this as anyone.

The This Is Us star recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the series, which catapulted to TV fame this past season, averaging 15.3 million viewers an episode. It felt like literally everyone was watching it and theorizing about its characters’ lives.

We also got some insight into the This Is Us formula

Show creator Dan Fogelman spoke to the L.A. Times about how he thinks about the show’s ethos as a whole.

And it’s not only fan theories that prove how engaged the audience is!

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, said fans often open up to him about how the show has spoken to them about their own lives. According to him, people often open up about their personal lives when talking about the show, even though he’s a total stranger! It goes to show how much This is Us is affecting viewers on truly deep level.

And Chrissy Metz, who plays Kevin’s twin sister Kate, agreed.

All of this is even more proof that This Is Us is going to be around for a long time. Six seasons and a movie, please!