Karen Belz
Updated July 17, 2017 10:17 am

If you haven’t caught up, beware — you’ll definitely be spoiled. The seventh season of Game of Thrones had an opener that was a little bloodier than we expected. And, of course, it focused on Arya Stark.

The premiere opener took place at House Frey, and required a bit of face-swapping. Arya, brilliantly played by actress Maisie Williams, managed to poison powerful Frey family members and friends while in disguise as Walder Frey. Some initially thought it was a flashback scene, but the perpetrator was quickly revealed to be present-day Arya seeking revenge regarding the Red Wedding massacre that took the life of her mother and brother.

According to Williams, it was an intense scene to play for her character.

Williams hoped that viewers didn’t guess right away that Arya had face-swapped. And since the scene appeared to be immediately after that infamous third season episode, there’s a good chance many were surprised.

This is only the very first scene of the season, so we predict that there’ll be many more powerful Arya moments during coming episodes of Game of Thrones. And we can’t wait.