Madison Vanderberg
July 20, 2017 8:05 am

Maisie Williams might actually be the biggest Game of Thrones fan. Oh btw, spoilers ahead. Even though Williams is not a shape-shifting super assassin in real life, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have Arya’s back at all times IRL.

The young actress posted the saltiest (aka best) Instagram last night.

In it, she’s flipping off the Frey army, you know, the same army she/Arya poisoned in the cold open of the Season 7 premiere because they murdered her whole onscreen family #RedWedding.


Williams told what she thought of that shocking, brutal, and badass moment in the premiere.

We love when Williams gets worked up about her onscreen persona. Or rather, we like it when Arya bleeds into Maisie’s real life.

She and Sophie Turner refer to each other as sisters all the time.

Sometimes she just wears Sophie’s Sansa wig for fun.

Life imitates art, or?

“A girl has no tits.”

She also made shirts dedicated to all the people Arya has on her “kill list.”

She’s on top of all the GoT memes.

Listen, if we were responsible for bringing to life one of the most iconic TV characters of all time, we would be repping it HARD.