Maisie Williams’ insanely cute video of her dog is the sweetest thing you’ll see today

One of the things we love most about Game of Thrones is the cast, right? Sure, the characters are awesome **shouts: “Jon Snow should sit on the Iron Throne!”** but the cast in real life is just as great. And, of course, our favorite off-the-set cast member has got to be Maisie Williams (aka Arya “I love making human pies” Stark). Whether she’s raising awareness for seriously important causes or just having a blast with her fellow co-stars, we can’t get enough of this brilliant star-on-the-rise! And, of course, as a fan you’re probably aware that Maisie has the most adorable dog, Sonny.

Exhibit A of cuteness.


And in their latest joint act of adorableness, Maisie posted this too cute video of Sonny giving her lots of love.

Her caption pretty much sums it up: “I mean….”

It sounds like Maisie took this video first thing in the morning, which is something any pet mommy or daddy can relate to. Who hasn’t taken photos or videos of their dog, cat, etc. first thing in the morning?! Waking up to such an adorable face is virtually impossible to not want to document, right?

Playing with the Snapchat filters on Sonny in the past.

We’ve definitely spent at least a million hours doing the same kinda thing with our pets, too. No word, however, on whether Maisie and her dog Sonny like Frey pie. JK, yuck.

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