Rachel Paige
Updated August 04, 2015 12:10 pm

The next best thing to being Peggy Olson is owning a part of Peggy Olson. And now, you can, thanks to the Mad Men auction happening right now over at ScreenBid.

Mad Men wrapped up its magnificent six season run this past spring, and just because it’s over and they’ll never be a new Mad Men episode ever again (or another, “Next Week On Mad Men” ever again) it doesn’t mean that the show’s gone forever. It’ll live on every day, especially if you’re showing up to work wearing an actual pair of Joan Holloway’s red heels. Or one of Pete Campbell’s suits.

Seeing as how there’s no more show, why not auction off a ton of props? The ScreenBid auction currently has over a thousand items up for grabs. They range from the awesome, well-known props (like, a model Mohawk airplane) to the obscure and subtle (like, a bunch of ashtrays).

Star saving your pennies, because the auction runs through the end of this week and if you’re a die-hard Mad Men fan you absolutely NEED to buy these things.

As a gal about town, if you need to jet away on a business trip, you’re going to need adorable luggage. So, buy Peggy’s flower luggage, which is not only amazing, but also incredibly vintage. It honestly might even be TOO CUTE to travel.

Don might have won the CLIO for his commercial for Glo-Coat, but Peggy TOTALLY helped with that. First, she wasn’t even invited to the ceremony, and then her work wasn’t even recognized for it. So do right by Peggy, and bring this CLIO home and pretend to make speeches about advertising all the time. Just don’t lose the award at a bar.

It is a crying shame that none of Joan’s dresses are up for grabs, because I’d buy them all, and then I’d share them with all of you guys. Instead, though, we can snag a few pairs of Joan’s heels. I imagine that while you’re wearing them you feel like a #Boss.

Why yes, one of the most absurd moments of Mad Men is when Ken got his eye shot out by two Chevy executives. It never healed, and he wore an eye patch for the rest of the series. It was actually pretty amazing. So if you, too, want to be be an advertiser by day/science-fiction writer by night, grab Ken’s eye patch and get to work.

Peggy’s HUGE Burger Chef account comes with a ton of responsibility for our girl, and, thankfully, she can keep herself organized with this cool Burger Chef three-ring binder. You might not have the same stuff to tuck inside, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important.Pete’s suits

While wearing this suit, avoid all stairs.

When you’re busy avoiding work — because you’re taking a nap in your office, or are on an extended lunch meeting, or have been put on work suspension, or are busy visiting your significant other in LA — be sure to lounge around in this robe. It’s great for when you want to feel important and like you’re accomplishing stuff, but are instead just lying on the couch.

Being a Stan enthusiast myself, I feel like it’s necessary to buy a lot of Stan things, just because. How about this red button-down shirt that includes “love beads?” Like, the love he has for Peggy??

All the items in the bid are still up for grabs, and range from between $175 to $3,000. You might want to work late on Friday for a few extra dollars to snag this stuff.

(Images via ScreenBid, AMC, and Giphy.)