Crystal Ro
Updated Jul 05, 2016 @ 11:12 am
lyanna mormont happy
Credit: HBO

**Spoilers and sass ahead for Season 6**

Credit: HBO

Let’s just all agree that Lyanna Mormont is one of, if not the, best (and most bad-ass!!!) characters on Thrones right now, yes? Because every time she shows up we’re as giddy as Tyrion Lannister after four glasses of wine. And because we love our Lady of Bear Island THAT MUCH, here’s a roundup of jokes that only fellow Lyanna Mormon-ites will appreciate.

1.How Sansa should’ve handled Ramsay.

2. The fact that everyone could use a lesson from the ruler of Bear Island…

3. …particularly, her cousin.

4. The one person who could handle Olenna Tyrell.

5. This (parody) GRRM that’s trolling all of us.


6. How Jon Snow has the best thing going.

7. Which he totally KNOWS.

8. Just waaaaiting for things to come to this.

9. Knowing how true this is.

10. Wondering how the “religion” of Lyanna Mormont could be spread.

11. How those jerk houses in the North probably felt.

12. Knowing who the ~toughest~ person on Thrones really is.

13. Having this EXACT reaction when this moment went down.

14. Having #dreams.

15. Loving every. single. second. Of Lyanna.

16. Appreciating how ridiculously awesome this poster is.

17. And finally, this instant classic.