Credit: Netflix/Twitter

You can’t just open up a Luke’s Diner without Luke Danes himself, you know. While every single one of Netflix’s pop-up Luke’s Diner had a giant cardboard cutout of Stars Hollow’s most favorite grump, only ONE actually had the real, live, flannel-wearing Scott Patterson.

As you can probably imagine, just about everyone lost their Gilmore mind.

“I was always hopeful about the show. I’m glad we got to give the fans what they truly deserve,” Patterson explained to Variety (in between brewing up fresh pots). And as for where Luke will be when the revival picks up, “Luke is Luke. I think the reason why fans love him so much is because he doesn’t change. He’s kind of a rock that way, so fans are going to get more of that.”

This is certainly going to be a day many Gilmore Girls fans remember forever…one that will only be topped by the release of A Year in the Life on November 25th.