Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 4:55 pm
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If you’re as obsessed with Lucy Hale as we are, get ready to fangirl like never before, because Lucy Hale is getting a new show! Ah!!! The Pretty Little Liars star will always be Aria Montgomery in our hearts, but now she’ll be someone new, and we are PUMPED for this amazing lady. TBH, the news of Lucy Hale’s new show is one of the first good things to happen in a while, so we’re pretty grateful for this positivity.

Hale is set to star in “Life Sentence,” a new CW show, aka our soon-to-be-fave-show. We’re already dying to know all the details. No matter what the show is, the more Lucy Hale in our lives, the better!

So here’s the inside scoop: “Life Sentence” will be a good ol’ drama with a twist. Variety described Lucy Hale’s new show, writing,

Ooh, interesting. This seems like exactly the obsession-worthy show we need now that PLL is coming to an end!

Lucy Hale posted about the new show on Twitter, writing,

Aw, we’re so prouda you, girl. All we know is that we are definitely going to be watching this! We’re so pumped to see our PLL stars going on to do new and exciting things. You go, Lucy Hale!