Toria Sheffield
Updated Aug 18, 2016 @ 7:17 am
Amy Schumer
Credit: Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer has basically become a cultural phenomenon in the three years since it initially aired. Amy Schumer took what could have been a little, relatively forgettable sketch show and turned it into a feminist machine that continually tackles issues like violence against women, double standards in Hollywood, and gun violence (oh, and all while being freaking hilarious of course).

Which is why we’re super bummed that, based on recent Tweets from Schumer, it’s looking like the show won’t be back for a 5th season. NOOOO!!!

Credit: Comedy Central/

The news broke as almost a footnote to another Twitter situation, where in which Schumer publicly denounced a writer who used to work on her show for his comments about the credibility of women who come forward to speak out about sexual assault (which you can see in full here).

After rumors then began swirling that Schumer had fired the writer, she Tweeted,

Okay, so while we can’t say with 100 percent certainty since nothing has been confirmed or denied by Comedy Central, it’s strongly looking like the show won’t be back for a 5th season. And while we’re seriously SO BUMMED about this (like, so. bummed.) it definitely kind of makes sense.

Credit: Comedy Central/

Schumer has been busy all summer shooting her movie with the legendary Goldie Hawn, and has several other big movies in the works (like that one with Jennifer Lawrence. CAN’T WAIT).

If the show is indeed over, we’re sure it’s for the right reasons. And as long as we keep getting more Amy, in books, movies, and well, basically any way she’ll let us, we’re going to be okay.