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Remember when you started watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, “The Door,” and thought, LOL there’s nothing Game of Thrones can even do to top Dany setting a building on fire with a bunch of dudes inside!! And then you got to minute :57 in the episode and you were like WHY GAME OF THRONES WHYYYYY??

What fresh new hell will the next episode, “The Blood of My Blood” bring? From the quick trailer released for the episode, turns out, a lot. But there’s one pretty jarring thing about this new trailer that we need to talk about. Something is off. Margaery still has long hair.

Credit: HBO

“So what?” You say, wiping more Hodor tears off your cheek. “She’s had long hair this whole time.”

Yes, but she’s about to make her own Walk of Shame, and she’s still got long hair. Remember the events leading up to Cersei’s Walk of Shame through the streets of King’s Landing? She had her gorgeous blonde Lannister hair chopped off, quite harshly. It was short then, and she’s still rocking a pixie cut now (and let’s be real, she looks fabulous).

Margaery, about to make her own walk through the streets with everyone’s favorite bell ringing lady, still has her long, brown locks. The Shame Nun has stayed the same (never change, Shame Nun).

Credit: HBO

So, why this this sudden change in Shame Walk protocol?

As it’s been previously speculated, Margaery’s Walk of Shame is actually one giant trap for the Tyrells. Supposedly, maaaaybe, Cersei is actually setting all of this up to lure the Tyrells’ army to King’s Landing, getting them to fight with the troops from the Faith of the Seven, and in the processes, killing a lot of people. This will wipe out two of Cersei’s enemies, and she barely has to do anything about it.

It’s quite possible that Cersei was like, “Oh no, let’s not cut Margaery’s hair, it’s so pretty!” in order to gain a few brownie points from the Tyrells, namely Olenna. Olenna, thinking she’s taking some pity on the horror her granddaughter is about to face, is more than willing to call her family’s arm to King’s Landing, walking right into Cersei’s plot.

Or maybe the roles of Shame Walks have changed, and now you are allowed to keep your long hair, IDK IDK, it’s not like we’re faced with Shame Walks through the streets of King’s Landing every other day.

Check out the full preview for the next episode below.