Meaghan Kirby
Updated Nov 25, 2016 @ 9:34 am
Credit: Warner Bros.

Gilmore Girls is officially back and we’re quickly being re-acquainted with all things Gilmore, ten years later. Rory’s life is as exciting as ever and during the first episode of the revival, “Winter,” we get our first glimpse of what one of Rory’s former boyfriends is up to. Beware, there are some SERIOUS spoilers ahead so turn around and have another cup of coffee if you haven’t seen the episodes yet!

We first check in with a dapper Logan Huntzberger in London, UK, where he is working and *GASP* having an affair with Rory, who has a boyfriend of two (!) years back home in the States.

Credit: Netflix

Early in the episode we meet Rory’s boyfriend Paul, who is so forgettable that Rory and co. forget he exists most of the time, as will you, the viewer. When you see Rory in London gushing about a wonderful meeting she’s having with two phones in her lap, you may ask yourself, “who is she talking to on the phone? Lorelai? Lane?” The very Clever Amy Sherman-Palladino pans around to reveal Logan emerging from the bathroom before giving Rory a KISS.

Credit: Netflix

Their dynamic is quickly revealed, however, when Rory inquires about opening a closet and finding other girls’ things. Logan balks and every viewer will see that he is still very much in love with Rory. (DUH!) Don’t fret, Jess or Dean Lovers, or I guess, Paul stans, Rory insists her and Logan’s relationship is very casual.

Credit: Netflix

Maybe Logan needs a reminder because we DEFINITELY get the sense that he wants her back. Rory has spent much of the episode looking for a lucky outfit for an upcoming meeting with Conde Nast and while checking his apartment for it, Logan mentions with a little too much affection for “casual” that she was wearing it when they reconnected in Hamburg.

Later in the episode, we get our second clue that the “thing” with Logan is about to get complicated when Rory is on the phone with Lorelai, still looking for the lucky outfit. The younger Gilmore has given up her apartment in Brooklyn and has sent her belongings in boxes to all her loved ones including Luke and Lorelai, Lane, Paris, Emily, and even Logan in London. In addition to having her boxes in each of their homes, she has no permanent address (a point of contention with Emily), and has decided to stay with each of the above when in their respective towns.

Credit: Netflix

Yes, that means Rory stays with Logan when she’s in town, NOT Dee Dee, the friend Rory told her mom she always stays with. Since Lorelai and Rory don’t lie to each other, it seems there’s some drama ahead. So where do Rory and Logan go from here? Luckily we have another THREE episodes to see the chaos that ensues.