Credit: Disney Channel

Hold onto your Lisa Frank folders and gel pens, kids, because the creator of Lizzie McGuire is at it again. Disney Channel just picked up Terri Minsky’s newest show, a series about — you guessed it — a teenage girl adjusting to adolescence.

The Hollywood Reporter has shared that the series, entitled Andi Mack, centers around Andi, a nearly-13-year-old girl whose moody sister moves back home, sending Andi’s life into a tailspin.

Credit: Disney Channel

“When Terri [Minsky] created Lizzie McGuire, she helped put Disney Channel on the map with a character that our audience could identify with and we look forward to introducing ‘Andi’ to a new generation of kids and tweens,”Disney Channels Worldwide executive vice president of original programming, Adam Bonnett, explained of the series.

There’s no way of knowing whether Andi Mack will be as big a hit as Lizzie McGuire, but clearly, Disney has confidence in Minsky and her track record. It also looks like Peyton Elizabeth Lee, who plays Andi, just might become as big a star as Hilary Duff; the young actress has a lot of potential, and has already appeared on Scandal and Shameless, along with being the youngest student ever accepted to Playhouse West. She’s clearly a strong choice to play the titular character of Andi Mack.

The single-camera family comedy also features Lilan Bowden as sister Bex, and Lauren Tom and Joshua Rush as Andi and Bex’s parents.

It sounds like Disney Channel is also super pumped for this series. “As a writer and creative force, Terri Minsky has a one of a kind voice that resonates with our audience,”Bonnett continued. “[She makes audiences] laugh and cry in the same scene with dialogue and storytelling that always feels honest.”

We have a feeling that Andi Mack won’t just resonate with kids and tweens, and former fans of Lizzie McGuire will likely love it, too.