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Credit: Warner Bros.

Liza Weil is no stranger to being a total boss. She spent years standing up to the haters as the wonderfully neurotic Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls and is currently the second most ethically-questionable lawyer and Annalise Keating’s right-hand woman, Bonnie Winterbottom, on How To Get Away With Murder. It turns out, in addition to playing the strongest characters on television, Weil also gives incredible advice.

Due to the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix next week, Weil and the rest of the cast have been on a very demanding press tour — meaning we get to see so much of their beautiful faces.

She recently sat down with Nylon and gifted us with some life advice that we are DEFINITELY writing down as a reminder in the future.

The Gilmore Girls actress begins the video by reflecting back to what she would tell her younger self. She said,

Weil also added to her former self,

She also gave very important advice for when you’re feeling lost, something we’ve *definitely* been feeling since the election. She said,

Tbh, imagining we’re in Harry Potter has really helped.

As a veteran actress whose two most famous roles, Paris and Bonnie, could not be more ethically different from each other, Weil knows a few things about stepping outside of her comfort zone. She told Nylon,

We love how warm and encouraging Weil is in real life and we’ll definitely be taking her advice!