Credit: Comedy Central

The thought of seeing a purple-haired cyclops in the flesh freaks us out a little bit (OK, a lot), but that doesn’t make this live-action Futurama fan film trailer any less impressive.

Appropriately titled Fan-O-Rama, Cinema Relics’ self-proclaimed visual “love letter” to the creators of the animated sci-fi series is basically what happens when you’re so dedicated to a show that you take creative matters into your own hands, because who has time to wait for on Hollywood to get it together? After all, The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening is reportedly busy working on another Netflix series, but when he gets some free time on his hands, he’ll already have a head start on assembling a big-budget Futurama live-action film that is missing from our lives.

To sum it up, the trailer is pretty kick-ass, thanks to moments like this…

And this…

That will ultimately leave Futurama fans feeling like…

Fan-O-Rama doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but until then, allow the trailer to launch you into full-fledged fan mode.

I mean, sure this show has always skewed a little bro-y but Leela is a certified badass and it’s legit very funny. We all have a little bro in us.