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American Horror Story: Spoilers.

We’re only two episodes into this brand new season of American Horror Story: Roanoke, and already we have more questions and theories than we know what to do with. One of the BIG things about this seasons is that it’s literally split: Half the action takes place present day in a documentary, while the other half takes place in the past, via actor reenactments.

Or, shall we say, “documentary” and “actor reenactments” because we still got a lingering gut feeling that everything within these two AHS worlds is not what it seems. And now on top of that, we’ve got another big piece of information about what’s real, and what’s not real, when it comes to this “documentary.”

According to IMDB, Lily Rabe — who plays Shelby in the present day, via a Talking Head — has a stunt double.

Credit: IMDB

The episode in question is Episode 8, which will take place after the big ~twist~ that AHS is already teasing. We’re still willing to bet a whole lot of cold, hard 💰💰💰 that the twist is directly related to this documentary, and that something is going to change with it. Whether it be that suddenly it comes alive itself, or we see what Shelby and Matt are up to “present day,” or that they’re actors themselves, we’re not sure.

But something is going to happen that requires Lily Rabe to put her life in the way of danger, which means a double’s going to have to come in for her. BUT WHAT IS IT? Only six more episodes until we find out.