Rachel Paige
Updated February 19, 2018 5:42 am

Maybe you’re like me and lie awake at night, dreaming of happier times, holding onto the fleeting thought that in the prophesied future of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope is probably President of the United States. Maybe.

The finale of the beloved NBC series leaves Leslie’s fate up in the air. In the year 2048, Leslie and Ben attend Jerry’s funeral, and they’re flanked by a bunch of intense looking guys in trench coats, aviator sunglasses, and ear pieces. This moment seems to imply that Leslie (or Ben) is someone who needs protection…because she currently holds a high-ranking government position.

But this moment is left super vague, allowing us to guess (and hope and dream) that Leslie becomes president — isn’t that a nice thought to hold onto?

If you’re looking for a definitive answer when it comes to Future President Leslie Knope, the creator of Parks and Rec, Mike Schur, isn’t saying either way.

Over the weekend at Vulture Festival in Los Angeles, Schur and Damon Lindelof (the man behind Lost and The Leftovers), sat down to talk all things television. When the topic of finales was brought up (something Lindelof is far too familiar with), Schur jumped in to discuss Leslie’s political aspirations.

The long and the short of it: If you want Leslie Knope to be president, she can be president.

Whispers, and we’ve determined that yes, Leslie is president.

The finale was left ambiguous for a reason, and Schur is sticking to that. He knows, Amy knows, and we’re left to our own knowledge of Knope’s political aspirations for roughly the year 2048-ish. And while Schur offered a heartfelt, eloquent response, Lindelof couldn’t help but jump in with his own theory:

This “dead the whole” time theory just doesn’t work with Parks and Rec, but it’s a nice try. So for us, powerful musk ox Leslie Knope can be whatever she wants to be. And if we want to assume she is our lord and savior and the person to put the U.S. Government back on track, that’s what she is. And we’ll hold that happy thought near and dear forever.