11 times Leslie Knope from "Parks and Rec" gave us serious girl power vibes


One of our favorite characters on all of television has got to be Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. She is smart, driven and hilarious, and she’s one of our favorite feminist characters. We collected some of our favorite Leslie Knope moments that make us totally inspired with ALL the girl power.

1. When she literally created a girl power holiday, Galentine’s Day.

2. When she wasn’t afraid to back down from how awesome she is.

3. When she had the perfect solution to a long day.

4. When she rocked some megawatt confidence that made us all stand up a little straighter.

5. When she out-trolled her potential trolls.

6. When she taught us to shoot for the stars.

NBC / pollyprissypant.tumblr.com

7. When she picked the best role model ever.

leslie knope inspired
NBC / gph.is

8. When she created the best squad ever.

leslie knope warrior
NBC / gph.is

9. When even her stripper name was empowering.


10. When she knew that the praise we need most is from ourselves.

leslie knope pep talk
NBC / gph.is

11. And finally, when she totally had her priorities straight.

leslie knope oavaries before brovaries
NBC / gph.is

Leslie Knope for President!

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