Rachel Paige
March 08, 2017 4:26 pm

If you ever need a happy thought to hold onto, think about this: In the future, Leslie Knope is probably president.

The series finale of the beloved Parks and Recreation flashes forward to the year 2048. Larry Terry Barry Jerry has sadly passed away (he lived to see 100!) and Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt attend the funeral together. Both of them are dressed in long trench coats, and flanked by men in black suits and shades.


It’s hard not to infer the situation: Leslie and Ben are surrounded by secret service agents, because clearly, in the future one of them is President of the United States.

But, which one? Both have prior political aspirations, and they moved to Washington D.C. at the very end of the series — Leslie gets a job with the Department of the Interior, and Ben decides to run for Congress. Leslie then serves two terms as Governor of Indiana (you go, girl). So, who is elected President?

Obviously, we want to assume it’s Leslie, because come on. However, since we weren’t responsible for crafting the character of Leslie Knope, it’s time to throw it back to the Parks and Rec cast. HelloGiggles recently caught up with Rob Lowe, who played Chris “literally” Trager and asked him this pressing question: In the future, who is president??

🇺🇸KNOPE 2048🇺🇸

Exactly! Why wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t Leslie be president in the future? This is *literally* our favorite future right now.