Channing Sargent
February 12, 2017 11:41 am

Leslie Jones threw her name into the ring to play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, and we are in her corner. First, Melissa McCarthy electrified us all with her impression of Sean Spicer. Then Rosie O’Donnell launched her campaign to take on Steve Bannon. And now Leslie Jones is bidding to play Donald Trump. It’s the right thing.

It’s also the premise of a sketch on an SNL episode this weekend, which was hosted by the Trumpiest Donald Trump impersonator of all, Alec Baldwin.

In the mini-documentary, Jones admires Baldwin’s performance as the POTUS, and then wonders if he’ll actually keep it up for the next for years.

“Doesn’t he have other stuff to do?” she queries, to which cast mate Bobby Moynihan answers, “Who’s gonna replace him?”

And therein lies the inciting incident: Leslie Jones will play Donald Trump.

Jones fastidiously prepares her Trump impression, learning his signature hand-gestures and words.


The transformation is complete when she reveals a blonde toupée and bushy eyebrows.


The cast and crew are skeptical of her new ambition.

Nevertheless, she persists, entering Lorne Michaels office and flying into a rage when he says no.


Turned out of the NBC headquarters, Jones-as-Trump wanders the streets, under one certain FLOTUS with a Slovenian accent spots him from her limo. Mistaking him for her husband, she compels him to drive off with her.

And that’s how, beginning with one humble idea, Jones works her way into the most important role on the international stage. Bigly!