Sarah Terry
February 14, 2017 2:50 pm

Five years ago, Girls premiered on HBO, and was a major cultural phenomenon. We’ve enjoyed every episode since then, but there was one moment in the pilot that we never quite understood. In the second episode of HBO’s Girls, Judd Apatow changed Lena Dunham’s look after he saw her in one scene, and we were always curious about it.

In one scene of Episode 2 “Vagina Panic,” Lena has longer hair and is clearly wearing Spanx. Many actresses wear Spanx on camera to make them look a little more streamlined. And we totally get that. But Judd Apatow thought the Spanx and hair needed to change to make Lena’s character more relatable.

Judd Apatow explained that Lena Dunham looked “too attractive” in that outfit, so he wanted her to look more like the underdog.


As you can see, in this shot from the second episode “Vagina Panic,” Lena’s tight skirt looks chic and smooth thanks to the power of Spanx. Also, her hair has a little fabulous blowout wave to it. She looks totally cute and stylish. But when Judd saw the look, he didn’t like it.

For the later part of the episode, Judd made some changes to Lena’s look.


Judd Apatow said that a rule for Lena’s character would be that she wouldn’t wear Spanx. And we can see that reflected in this later part of the episode. Plus, her hair doesn’t have extensions in for this scene. But we think that is awesome, because Lena Dunham’s character Hannah has become a major symbol for body positivity — it just wouldn’t be the same if she wore Spanx and fake hair.


And while we still think that Lena looks adorable throughout Girls, we understand Judd’s instinct to make sure that her character looked a little more normal and a little less ~Hollywood~. We always saw Hannah as one of us, which was a huge part of making Girls so successful and fabulous. And we’re glad the mystery of continuity problems from the episode is finally solved!