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Credit: Steve Zak / Getty Images

It’s all happening, and we’re so ready. Lena Dunham finally shared details about her new TV show. We still don’t know nearly enough for our liking, but for now, we’ll take what we can get. Hey, it’s a start!

Ever since we found out Dunham and her producing partner/work wife Jenni Konner were back to the drawing board working on a new HBO series, we’ve been following updates on it pretty obsessively. Unfortunately, we’re not gettin’ much. Other than the fact that these two ladies are really enjoying being back in the saddle.

They’re especially happy to be back at work since Girls ended this past April, which must have been harder for them than it was for us.

On Friday night, Dunham and Conner celebrated the 2nd anniversary of one of their other co-creations: Lenny Letter.

At the event, Konner spoke about her life in-between shows: post-Girls and pre-new project.

When asked what we can expect from the upcoming HBO series, Dunham shared some deets. It really only makes us want more, though.

We think “awkward situations” and “darker selves” is pretty much what we’d expect from another series by this creative team. Still, we’re super looking forward to seeing a new take on life from them, and to get to watch these writers we love explore a new world.

Whatever comes next, we’re looking forward to it!