Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Spoilers ahead for the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. If you’ve watched it already (and if you haven’t, stop reading and go watch it right now…or keep reading, because you do you) you know that Negan claims not one, but two victims. Both Abraham and Glenn fall victim to Lucille, and that sound you hear is our hearts breaking into a thousand tiny little pieces.

The lead up to this big reveal was pretty intense, and for the last few months The Walking Dead has been trying to keep it a complete secret. They even went so far as to film a few different alternate death scenes, to completely throw us off Negan’s trail (even though Michael Cudlitz admitted that was a lie, and The Walking Dead has literally been messing with us for a year).

Knowing that, hold onto your hearts because it appears as if one of those alternate death scenes has leaked out, and we are not ready for it. Honestly, we’ll probably never be ready for it. In this alternate scene, Negan’s first victim is Maggie.

Warning: this video is super graphic, but you know that because you watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead.

So might this have actually been a true alternate version of The Walking Dead premiere? The rest of Negan’s dialogue remains the same, and it sure feels like in another twisted Walking Dead timeline, it’s Maggie and Glenn who are both killed. AND THAT IS TOO MUCH FOR US TO HANDLE, OKAY?

Since this video is a ~leak~ there’s no way for us to truly confirm if this is really from the episode or not. But it looks legit, and our hearts still hurt a whole lot right now.