Meaghan Kirby
Updated Dec 14, 2017 @ 4:45 pm

Get ready to feel some Brotherly Love because the Lawrence brothers are returning to the small screen with a brand new television show.

In case you don’t remember — but really, how could you forget? — before the Jonas Brothers were rocking all over the Disney Channel, a different trio of brothers spent most of the ’90s (and frankly, the late ’80s) stealing our hearts. Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence were definitely three of the busiest child actors throughout the decade, with Joey starring on Blossom, Matthew starring in Mrs. Doubtfire and Boy Meets World, and Andy voicing the role of T.J. Detweiler in Recess.

But in addition to their own projects, the Lawrence brothers also acted alongside each other in Brotherly Love, a sitcom about the relationship between three brothers after the estranged oldest brother moves back to town to work at their deceased father’s garage. While the series only ran for two seasons, it was certainly a defining project for the brothers, who went on to star in Disney Channel Original Movies Horse Sense and Jumping Ship together. But after years apart on-screen — Matt and Andy both appeared on Joey’s sitcom Melissa and Joey, but in different episodes — the brothers are ready to reunite.

Credit: David Becker/WireImage

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Joey revealed that the boys are working on a new sitcom pilot.

Reiterating that the brothers aren’t going to be repeating Brotherly Love — we repeat, the new series will not follow the fictional Roman brothers as adults — Joey added that the series will be very different and more complex than what their ’90s sitcom allowed.

But that’s not the only project the boys have in mind! According to Joey, the brothers have also written a follow-up film to their DCOMs Horse Sense and Jumping Ship. Joey told ET the movie would serve as a final chapter for their characters while also paving way for a new cast to take over the story. He revealed,“It’s a great sort of conclusion to that story, and also a passing of the baton to a new group. There’s been interest, and it’s there, and the script’s great. It’s just a matter of finding the right moment to do it.”

Remarkably, in these films, the Lawrence brothers don’t actually play brothers. In Horse Sense, Joey and Andy play cousins who after a rough start, end up becoming very close. In Jumping Ship, the two embark on a boat trip to Australia with a young fisherman played by Matt — who had a small cameo in Horse Sense and is not related to the cousins in the sequel—only to face a series of obstacles after pirates go after them.

Needless to say, we’re very curious to see what the boys have in mind for this final chapter in the trilogy. Regardless, we’re glad to see the Lawrence brothers have kept busy and we’re looking forward to seeing them appear on TV together again.