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So, Laverne Cox is one super busy lady. She’s currently starring in the new CBS legal drama Doubt (as the first transgender series regular!) and The Rocky Horror Picture Showboth of which are pretty much insanely amazing.

But this got us worried that she would disappear from Orange Is the New Black, and we NEED our regular Sophia fix!


Don’t worry though, Cox would never disappoint us. It’s been officially confirmed by E! News that she’ll definitely be returning for Season 5, even if it means juggling a ridiculously hectic schedule.

“We’re trying to figure out when I get back to New York to shoot some more Orange. That’s still a work in progress, but I’m so blessed that they really wanted to keep writing for Sophia over at Orange… ” she told reporters during a press tour for Doubt.

We can’t imagine OITNB without Cox’s portrayal of bold and complex Sophia, so there’s just one word to capture our feelings right now: relief.

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Cox described her recent experiences with her signature grace and incredibly humble attitude.

“It’s just an embarrassment of riches and I’m really, really grateful to be a part of all these projects that I really, really love. To be doing work that I love.”

Keep doing your thing, Laverne! It’s making life better for us all.