If you’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars, you’ll know that Laurie Hernandez has been absolutely killing it in that pressure cooker environment. But the latest episode was highly emotional for reasons unrelated to the competition.

Fan-favorite Hernandez was brought to tears after the show screened a video of her grandmother Brunilda, who had passed away a day after it was filmed due to complications with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Hernandez has always been real about how hard it is on DWTS — not to mention is never shy about showing her feelings — and so we can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to keep it together last night.

In the interview that aired along with the video, Hernandez opened up about what her grandma means to her.

You can see the full video clip here, but a word of warning: You might need to grab a tissue or two. Sending all the love to Laurie and her family during this difficult time.