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After playing two very iconic characters, Lauren Graham admits she’s actually more like Lorelai Gilmore than Sarah Braverman and we can totally see it.

Over the years Graham has played two of our favorite TV moms of all time, Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls and Sarah Braverman on Parenthood.

Both characters are lovable, hard-working moms, who love to talk and share wisdom with their children, but the 49-year-old actress has one that she believes she connects with more.

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“I really like to entertain,” Graham told Good Housekeeping for their January 2017 cover story, which neither of her characters ever did. “None of my characters ever cook, so I would think that’s surprising that I actually really like to.”

Even though Lorelai isn’t the first person you think of when throwing a party — although her birthday bashes and inn holiday parties were amazing — and she doesn’t cook, Graham does identify with her most in reality, which we completely understand.

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“I relate more to Lorelai Gilmore, probably,” Graham told the publication.

Although Sarah Braverman was also the queen of her own world and had a great single mom thing going for her, Gilmore Girls was a longer series for Graham, which makes for any easy attachment to form. Plus, Gilmore Girls holds a special place in the actress’s heart because of her own childhood.

“My dad has always been someone so many people think is a nice person,” Graham explained to the magazine noting her childhood memory of going to her dad’s lake house and his desire not to be too flashy.

“He’d say, ‘Don’t wash the car … we don’t wanna look fancy!’ I remember as a kid being proud of that,” she said.

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It was her dad’s kindness that helped her to appreciate her time on The WB series and its Netlfix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

No matter which character you like best, Graham is a unique actress and we just love her and her outlook on TV. Plus, with Lorelai Gilmore back in our lives on Netflix, everything seems to be right in the world.