Let’s call a town meeting! Lauren Graham revealed a new tidbit of info from the Gilmore Girls revival. She teased last year about always wanting Lorelei to ride a horse (LOL, Lauren) but now we’ve got new intel as to what Lorelei got to do in the revival that Lauren had been begging Amy Sherman-Palladino for. Can you guess?!

Credit: Warner Brothers

Way back in 2016, Lauren Graham teased to TV Line’s Michael Ausiello about doing something in the revival that her and showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino had “always talked about.” And no, it doesn’t involve a horse — although that’s also pretty cool. Lauren has finally revealed what exactly she and ASP cooked up for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life:

Ummm, YES. Gilmore Girls is known for snappy dialogue and the fact that Lauren actually asked for a super long monologue makes us love her even more. And guess what? It happened obvi.

Okay, we’ll give you a second to go back and watch that scene, because WOW. Our respect for Lauren Graham just quadrupled. And now that this burning question has been answered, we can go back and re-watch the whole series again. As if we weren’t planning to anyway.