Rachel Paige
September 08, 2016 11:23 am
Scott Humbert/Getty Images

If you think you’re anxious/excited/nervous/overjoyed about the new Gilmore Girls episodes, just think about how Lorelai feels.

The fabulous Lauren Graham has admitted before that she had lots of emotions returning back to the iconic character, but she was so thrilled and thankful for the experience. She seamlessly stepped back into the fast-talking role as if she had been a Stars Hollow resident this whole time, BUT, more than anything, she was scared to come face to face with the last episode of A Year in the Life.

“I didn’t read the last episode for the longest time because I was scared,” she explained to Entertainment Weekly. “I loved how everything was teed up in the first three and I, carrying the burden of everybody in my mind, was like, ‘Oh God, what’s going to happen?’”

Never fear, the finale lived up to all of Graham’s wildest expectations, and in the end, she was thrilled.

“To me, [the finale] was deeply satisfying — and also it answered questions I didn’t even think of. I thought, ‘Oh how perfect, wow. I wouldn’t even have wondered that.'”

As for the entire show overall — and now that we’ve got a little taste of the back-and-forth dialogue ourselves“I just felt like [the scrips are] so quintessentially Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and Lorelai,” Graham continued. “It was then that I was like, ‘We’re going to be okay.’”

Though it really does sound like everything will be wrapped up during the last episode, “Fall,” don’t forget, there’s still always the possibility of MORE Gilmore Girls in the future. No one has ruled out multiple, uh, years, for A Year in the Life. As always, wherever they lead, we will follow.