Rachel Paige
Updated Nov 10, 2016 @ 4:11 pm
Credit: Warner Bros.

When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life picks back up on Netflix in 18 SHORT DAYS (omg omg omg omg), we’re going to be dropped back into the world of Stars Hollow, and we seriously cannot wait. If you think you’re excited for the revival, just imagine how Lauren Graham feels about returning back to the world of Lorelai Gilmore. And even more exciting for her, the revival brought about the chance for Lorelai to do something she’s never done before — something she’s been begging to do since the very beginning of Gilmore Girls.

During a chat with TV Line’s Michael Ausiello (and big time Gilmore Girls fan), Lauren dropped a few clues as to what Lorelai is up to during A Year in the Life. First off, her favorite episode of the revival is “Fall,” because:

“The story [during “Fall”] for Lorelai is about growth, and in an unusual way, she grows in that episode,” Lauren explains. “It also answered…something Amy and I had always talked about wanting to do on the show, and we did it.”

After a quick pause, Lauren blurts out:

“I ride a horse guys, okay??”

Credit: Warner Bros.

Oh wow. We had no idea that Lorelai had a deep, burning desire to not only ride a horse, but ride a horse during the episode. But wait, are we we really supposed to believe she never went out to the stables at the Dragonfly Inn to take Desdemona and Cletus out for a spin around town?

Well, maybe she did, but we never saw it — but bless the Netflix gods because now we will see Lorelai and all her horseback riding glory on November 25th.