Anna Gragert
Updated Jul 20, 2016 @ 4:17 pm
gilmore girls 1
Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Just in case you didn’t realize this already, we are very excited for the Gilmore Girls revival. That would explain why we’re keeping our eyes peeled for top-secret pics from the reboot and for any updates that come our way via the official Gilmore Girls Instagram feed. Luckily, this tactic has paid off because…

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life just released a brand new promo image that has us giggling like Chilton schoolgirls.

We’re bringing the Fahrfunugen Dugan Soogan,” reads the caption for the above. “Don’t tell Taylor.

Now let’s go into our Gilmore Girls memory vault and discuss the meaning of “Fahrfunugen Dugan Soogan.” During the show’s Season 1 finale (called “Love, Daisies and Troubadours”), there was a moment when Lorelai and her then-boyfriend Max went to a Stars Hollow Town Meeting. During this meeting, they were set to discuss the fact that the town troubadours were basically having a turf war and, according to Gilmore News, Lorelai says,

“Hear [the Troubadours] out Taylor. It can’t hurt.” Taylor then glances at the bag of fries Lorelai is carrying and frowns, to which she responds: “These are not fries. They are Fahrfunugen Dugan Soogan.”

Though the promo image doesn’t tell us much about the revival, it does reveal that their will most likely be plenty of references from the original series. And we cannot wait to hear them.