Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 09, 2016 @ 10:17 am
Credit: Frank Ockenfels/FX

This better be the last one.

With five days to go, could American Horror Story even have any more tricks up their sleeves? Seriously, how big was the promotional marketing budget this year? If they had just released one trailer, and saved all the $$$ for a rainy day, they’d probably have enough to outright buy the Murder House right now.

Last night, at roughly the same time Lady Gaga dropped her killer new song, “Perfect Illusion,” AHS released a trailer set to — what else? — “Perfect Illusion.” Under the title, American Horror Story: Illusion, suddenly everything makes so much more sense.

We see what you’re doing, AHS.

Okay, actually, still nothing makes sense. Roughly 20 prior trailers make their way into this 30 second spot, and even still, there’s a new one we HAVEN’T SEEN. The final snippet shows a girl, seemingly trapped in AHS’s twisted version of the Mirror of Erised.

Um, yes, would watch AHS: Trapped in a Mirror. 100%, sign us up.

Or, maybe this whole trailer is hinting hard at the fact that this whole time, everything has simply been a ~perfect illusion~. Nothing is what it seems. Right from the beginning of this big AHS Season 6 mystery, we were asked to figure out what was real, and what was fake. We still don’t know, and won’t till next Wednesday.

Whatever happens, we at least know one thing is real: We cannot WAIT for what’s going to happen this season.