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Reality TV show-junkies have likely seen — or at least heard of — Logo’s dating reality show Finding Prince Charming, hosted by Lance Bass. The show’s a lot like The Bachelor in concept, but it’s specifically designed for gay men looking for love. Like any good reality series, the show entails a lot of drama and heartache, while also genuinely tackling some very real issues within the gay community.

And in an interview with Us, host Bass recently noted that there’s something that sets his show show way apart from the Bachelor-franchise. Namely — that no one’s expecting a proposal at the finale.

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Thank you, Lance, for saying what we’ve all been thinking. As much as we love us some Bachelor Nation shenanigans, we’ve always thought that ending each season with an obligatory engagement seemed well — totally cray cray. Making a lifetime commitment when a relationship is still in its earliest stages kind of strikes us as a recipe for disaster, and we love how Prince Charming is just way more real about it.

Because at the end of the day, it’s supposed to be reality TV, right?

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