I'm sorry, what?!

Emily Weaver
Apr 15, 2021 @ 11:42 am
Lance Bass
Credit: Leon Bennett, Getty Images

Our favorite Netflix reality show from 2020 is back with a second season! That's right folks, we're talking about The Circle, a reality competition series where strangers communicate and rank each other via a Siri-like digital device for a chance to win $100,000. The catch? Everything is done behind closed doors so you don't really know who you're up against. It's where professional catfishers come to play and we're obsessed. 

Each season has its own quirky set of contestants and this year is no different. In episode one, which dropped April 14th, we meet Lee (catfishing as River), Savannah, Jack (catfishing as Emily), Chloe, who you may remember from another quarantine show called Too Hot Too Handle, Courtney, Deleesa (catfishing as Trevor), Terilisha, Bryant, and later on Lance Bass…?

Kidding! Bass isn't really competing on The Circle, but the other contestants don't know that.

A new contestant, Lisa was feeling very confident when she woke up that morning and decided to catfish as her boss. Lisa has been Bass's personal assistant for over a decade. So, of course, she knows every little detail there is to know about him, especially about his dogs.

You would think that seeing a major boyband popstar enter The Circle group chat would raise your catfishing red flag. Like, why would Lance Bass, global sensation, boy band icon, legendary performer, be competing on a Netflix show? Well, for starters, I guess everyone would need to know who the heck Bass is—and too many members of the cast don't. *Face palm*

Since the first four episodes dropped, Twitter fans have been having a field day over the hysteria that is "who is Lance Bass?" (As they rightfully should, BTW.)

Fair, Chloe isn't from America. But girl, *how* do you not know who *NSYNC is?

The Circle Season 2 is far from over. Tune into Netflix every week to see all new episodes! We have a feeling things are just getting started.