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Ryan Murphy gave American Horror Story viewers the ultimate Halloween gift when he tweeted that Lana Winters will be in American Horror Story: Roanoke. Since then, AHS fans have understandably gone bonkers trying to figure out just how Sarah Paulson’s Asylum character is going to play into Season 6. And we think that Reddit user ctuwallet24 has got a pretty amazing theory on how Lana will return to AHS.

American Horror Story: Roanoke already gave us a major twist in “Chapter 6.” We saw behind the scenes of the hit show My Roanoke Nightmare and then the real Shelby, Matt, and Lee joined up with their reenactment actors for the spinoff, Return to Roanoke.

But how in the world of Ryan Murphy is Lana going to fit into all of this?!?


Well, Redditor ctuwallet24 thinks that Lana, the acclaimed interviewer and author of six bestsellers, is actually involved in the telling of the Roanoke story.

Only one person is supposed to survive the return to the Roanoke house and while some fans think Lana will interview the survivor on AHS, ctuwallet24 thinks that Lana will actually write a book about the survivor.

According to this theory, Lana’s book was adapted into a TV series and Lana will be interviewed about the adaptation in the final episode of Roanoke. As ctuwallet24 wrote:

The suggested title of Lana’s book about the events at Roanoke plays off of the title of the book she wrote in Asylum about being tortured by Bloody Face — Maniac: One Woman’s Story of Survival.

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This idea of what we’ve seen so far in Roanoke being based on a book by Lana is further backed up by the fact that each episode title has just been called “Chapter X” rather than a more creative title. As ctuwallet24 continued:

Right now, things aren’t looking so great for the remaining survivors of Return to Roanoke (understatement of the year) — and Paulson’s character Audrey Tindall is somehow still alive along with Lee and her reenactment actor Monet.

It would be totally surreal — and so like AHS — if Audrey was the lone survivor and Lana ended up writing about her. We’ve already seen Paulson pull double duty in Hotel and quite literally in Freak Show.

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Whether Lana is interviewed or is doing the interviewing, one thing we know for sure is that Lana will return to AHS. And no matter what Paulson’s second (errr, third??) character on Roanoke does, we know it will be epic.