Rachel Paige
Updated Jun 13, 2016 @ 2:54 pm
Credit: HBO

Game of Thrones Season 6 is really toying with our emotions, huh? Spoilers ahead.

Not like they haven’t in the past; they certainly have. They will continue to in the future, as well. Season 6 has just been like A LOT of big, HUGE moments, that leave us with a lot of emotions: OMG shock when Jon Snow came back from the dead; forever-tears when Hodor died; utter YAAAASSS when Dany burned down all the Dothraki.

There’s also been a lot of “Ugh,” and this week’s “UGH,” is brought to us by Lady Stoneheart. Is she on the show yet? Nope. Is she going to appear on the show? Oy, probably not. BUT LISTEN, THERE’S STILL A TINY SLIVER OF HOPE.

Lady Stoneheart is zombie Catelyn Snow, so she’s a badass. She’s also the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, and hey, we just met them (again)! It would appear as if Game of Thrones is getting ready to introduce the former Stark Matriarch, considering Catelyn has been name dropped A TON lately (three times during Sunday’s “No One.” Jaime and Brienne discussed her, then Brienne and the Blackfish talked about her and Sansa, and then Jaime taunted Edmure with her name).

There’s just one thing. This dude is alive.

Credit: HBO/HelloGiggles
Credit: HBO/HelloGiggles

This is Lord Beric Dondarrion, and in the books (so, book spoilers), immediately following the Red Wedding, he sacrifices his life to bring Catelyn Stark back, turning her into Lady Stoneheart. Cool, right? Except obviously, it has not happened in the world of the show. We know this because during Edmure’s conversation with Jaime, he mentions that he’s been a prisoner since the Red Wedding, which was years ago. Meaning that Catelyn has already been dead for years, and it’s probably a lot harder to bring someone back to life after they’ve been dead for years.

Also, the sheer fact that Beric Dondarrion is alive, means that he has sacrificed his life for NO ONE (Hey, that’s the title of last night’s episode!). He’s also currently in charge of the Brotherhood Without Banners, which is Lady Stoneheart’s position in the books.

This doesn’t mean that Lady Stoneheart will never show up, something we’ve been wishing and hoping will happen. There’s now just a small wrench in this plan. Also, someone completely different could be the one to sacrifice his or her life to bring Lady Stoneheart back. Or, someone else on the show could assume the role of Lady Stoneheart completely.

All hope for this character is not lost. Add together the fact that she’s being teased on the show, with the fact that the actors are teasing her return too, it makes sense that she’ll show up eventually. And hey, Game of Thrones someone needs to top the “LOL WE KILLED JON SNOWW!!” kerfuffle at the end of Season 5.