Sophy Ziss
October 11, 2017 12:51 pm

Some news that will make life feel a lot more sparkly: Actress/Singer/real-life ball of energy Kristin Chenoweth is set to produce and star in a new show at ABC. Oh, and it’s about Fairy Godmothers!

The series, appropriately titled The Real Fairy Godmother, will star Chenoweth as a spoiled, self-obsessed “real housewife” who learns that she’s descended from “a secret order” of Fairy Godmothers. According to Variety, as she learns what this means, she’ll eventually try to become a better person — and help those around her too. The premise is whimsical and magical, much like Chenoweth herself.

The Real Fairy Godmother sounds like the perfect vehicle for Chenoweth to demonstrate her high-energy comedic chops. Few people can deadpan while still sounding like a human twinkle.

The Real Fairy Godmother series, as reported by Variety, is currently a “put pilot” at ABC.

This is different from a regular television pilot. Dozens of pilot episodes are filmed, picked up, changed, edited, or passed on every year — that’s why a show you may have been so excited to read about never really made it to air. By the time it’s on television, the pilot episode is better known as the series premiere. The put pilot, however, is different. In this case, ABC has already agreed to air The Real Fairy Godmother pilot, either as a standalone episode or as part of a series. If it doesn’t make it to air, which is unlikely, they’ll owe a lot of people money. Essentially, The Real Fairy Godmother has already been greenlit by the network in some form, and that means you’ll get to see it.

That makes sense! A spoiled Kristin Chenoweth realizing her Fairy Godmother destiny? It’s like a series fans could have invented in a dream. As of now, it’s unclear when The Real Fairy Godmother will air. We don’t even know who the costars will be, and we can’t wait to find out. Is it too much to hope for an Idina Menzel cameo?