Karen Belz
February 20, 2017 6:19 am

Fans of the show have a bunch of questions after the huge cliffhanger that aired this December. But now that Kristen Wiig has joined The Last Man On Earth, we’re even more puzzled.

The Will Forte-centric show is definitely open to fun cameos as well as Saturday Night Live alum stopping by for a story arc or two. Prior to, both Jason Sudeikis and Will Ferrell had small, yet very important roles, on the FOX comedy. So, it came as no surprise to learn that Wiig landed herself a part on the show, which focuses on the few remaining survivors of a deadly virus.

While Forte’s character, Phil “Tandy” Miller, tried hard to wrangle up all who remained in the United States early on in the series, new characters have popped up throughout the show’s three seasons.

From the looks of it, Wiig’s character hasn’t let the crumbling of mankind ruin her spirit.

Even better, it looks like she brought her dog with her!

Wiig’s first episode will be the spring premiere, which is set to air on March 5th. We’ll definitely want to watch it ASAP, since the fate of two other popular characters was left up in the air. Beware — there are spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up.

After being trapped in an elevator in a newly-abandoned building close by, Gail — played by Mary Steenburgen — lets out a final shot of her gun. However, it wasn’t clear if she shot herself, or tried one last time to signal for her friends.

January Jones’s character is also somewhat of a wildcard, as she seemingly went through a psychotic break before the winter episodes wrapped up.

We’re hoping that Wiig definitely brings a lot of optimism and laughs to the team, no matter what happens. We’ll be tuning in live to see how well she interacts with the rest of the gang!