Crystal Ro
Updated Nov 28, 2016 @ 12:51 pm
Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty

Winter is coming and we are more than ready. Because if there’s one thing we love about Game of Thrones it’s Jon Snow, aka Kit Harington. Okay, FINE, we actually love everyone and everything involved with HBO’s behemoth and we can’t wait until Season 7 gets here! And while we’ve seen a lot of our favorite cast members both off and on set doing what they do best, we’ve wondered what the King in the North was up to recently. Turns out, he’s just being his usual adorable self.

Because here he is hanging out with someone’s dad at a bar and YES it was as amazing as it looks!

Belfast-based student and serious Game of Thrones fan Michael Jardine recently posted this awesome photo of his dad and Kit Harington just casually hanging out at a bar in Belfast like BFF’s and, based on his caption, was just a TOUCH jealous.

LOL. To be fair, we’d be super jealous of our parents if they got to spend a night out on the town with the former Lord Commander, too!!

But we have so many questions for Michael’s dad.

Like, what is Kit’s drink of choice? Was he alone or with some fellow Thrones cast members? And how exactly does one broach the subject of buying drinks for Jon Snow without looking like a fool while doing so?! Because apparently Michael’s dad has it all figured out!

We’re glad to see Kit Harington enjoying some well-deserved fun.