Sarah Terry
December 27, 2016 2:32 pm
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This Game of Thrones star isn’t always totally thrilled that winter is coming. Especially because winter means Christmas, which tends to overshadow his birthday.

Kit Harington doesn’t love having a December birthday, and he has it tough. Kit’s birthday lands on December 26th, just one day after Christmas. that’s tough, and we totally feel his pain. The star who plays Jon Snow on the popular HBO show, says he prefers to have his birthday all to himself, not split with the Christmas holiday. And, well, we get it.

In an adorable interview, Kit Harington shares his grief about his day-after-Christmas birthday, and we just want to hug him.

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Furthermore, Kit has a double problem, because in Britain, December 26th is also celebrated as Boxing Day. Kit complained a bit about having his birthday so close to the holidays. When asked what his favorite birthday was, Kit said, “My birthday’s the day after Christmas, so it’s always the same.” He has to contend with his whole family being around, which too much divided attention.

We totally understand that, because we all want to feel special on our birthdays. We don’t blame Kit for getting a little grumpy when his family gets too focused on the other holidays. Because we would celebrate Kit any day we could!

But Kit said there is a benefit to being born around the holidays.

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Kit explained that he goes home to where his mom and dad live. So for his birthday, he just hangs out with old friends in a pub, and that sounds really nice. And Kit said that he likes having all the holidays done in one swoop. He said, “I  like getting it all out of the way.”

But still, Kit doesn’t quite have the day that he wants.

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Don’t worry, Kit, we’ll give you ALL the attention on your birthday. And every other day!