Emily Baines
January 07, 2017 1:26 pm
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Kirsten Dunst is fast on her way to becoming television royalty. Or, at least, a (literal) TV God. As Deadline reports, Kirsten Dunst will star in AMC’s On Becoming A God in Central Florida.

We have high hopes for this project, as Dunst has a tradition of choosing excellent television projects. After all, she totally won our hearts with her amazing performance as Peggy the beautician in the Fargo TV series. And let’s not forget that way back in 1993 Kirsten Dunst was on Star-Trek: The Next Generation! The lady knows her television!

Here’s what we know about Kirsten Dunst’s new show so far.

The show is described as a dark comedy set in the ’90s. Both George Clooney and Dunst are both signed on to help produced it. And it will be directed by The Lobster director, Yorgos Lanthimos. So we expect it to be pretty weird.

Plus, the plot sounds amazing (not to mention bizarre).

According to Deadline, this show will follow one woman (Dunst) as she pursues her dream of becoming an independent entrepreneur in the early ’90s. She figures out that she can make money to help get out of her dire situation by conning her way to the top of a multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme.

Count us IN!

Frankly, On Becoming A God in Central Florida sounds like a lot of (twisted) fun. We wish it was already out and available for viewing! Until then, we’ll make due with re-watching Kirsten Dunst’s nuanced Fargo performance and all sorts of other awesome roles she’s played throughout the years.