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We know that it’s intense to watch The Late Late Show‘s segment “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts,” but this one is definitely a must-see. James Corden got Khloé Kardashian to play the game, and she was threatened with chicken feet, old eggs, fish eyes, saliva, and more.

The rules of the game are pretty simple: Celebrities are asked questions that can get pretty personal. If they refuse to answer, they have to eat one of the disgusting things on the table. It’s kind of like an intense version of Truth or Dare, with the worst dares ever.

We’re pretty proud that Khloé volunteered for the game altogether. Watch as she gets real, in order to avoid cod sperm.

The segment is great, since there’s so much we end up learning.

For example, Khloé isn’t super fond of Rob & Chyna in comparison to other Kardashian-based shows.

For Corden, after a lot of deliberation and worry, he cracked and admitted that Pierce Brosnan was once pretty rude to him.

We wonder what Bono would have to say about that.

Of course, the best question came later in the game.

And, well — you saw how that went down.

Credit: CBS

The sweetest thing about both of them is the fact that they’re a little nervous over hurting someone else’s feelings — especially Corden. But, they’re both such good sports.

Even if this game is slightly nauseating, it’s pretty funny — and Khloé was, by far, one of the best players thus far.