Credit: George Rose/Getty Images

Some stars HATE being recognized in public. But Kevin Bacon wants to get recognized in public! He appeared on The Graham Norton Show and talked about going out in public wearing a disguise. Nobody recognized him, and he was disappointed!

So he tried it out for a day. He went to an outdoor shopping mall in California called The Grove, and nobody recognized him. His makeup and disguise was done by professionals, so don’t feel bad if you missed him.

Bacon prefers to be recognized in public, because most of the time, people are nice to him.

He also talked about how being a celebrity got him out of some major trouble.

“I was driving on the border of Oklahoma and Texas and the towns come up fast and furious and I guess I was going faster than the speed limit,” he remembered. “I got pulled over and the police officer asked me to step out of the car.

So it’s pretty understandable why Bacon likes to be recognized! After spending a day of anonymity, Bacon said, “I was like, this sucks man, I’m going back to Kevin Bacon ASAP.” We agree!