Nikita Richardson
April 24, 2016 8:28 am

It’s been quite a year for Kelly Clarkson. Not only was she on-hand for the final season of American Idol, the show that made her a household name all the way back in 2002, but she’s come a very, very long way since then, releasing and unbelievable seven studio albums and, oh yeah, also becoming a mother to two beautiful kids.

Yesterday, the 34-year-old singer shared the first picture of her newest bundle of joy, Remington “Remy” Alexander Blackstock, who was born on April 12. Quite honestly, the little boy couldn’t be any cuter if he tried.

Clarkson also took time to thank her OB/GYN Dr. Crowe who delivered both her kids at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee where Clarkson lives with her husband of nearly three years, talent manager Brandon Blackstock.

It’s just amazing to think that so soon after having her baby, she has time to think of anything other than diapers, feeding times, and naps, but that just shows how sweet Kelly is to give a shout out to such an important figure in her children’s lives.

We wish all the best luck to Kelly Clarkson and her husband on their newest addition to a growing brood. Knowing how hard-working Kelly is, we’re sure little Remy won’t slow her down a single bit!