Angelica Florio
February 25, 2017 12:32 pm

There’s no doubt that Katherine Heigl’s fall from Hollywood grace has been hard to watch for fans of the Grey’s Anatomy OG cast-member. Heigl’s brazen honesty in interviews created an “image problem” for the actress who spoke out about the sexism portrayed in Judd Apatow’s hit-comedy, Knocked Up. A subsequent chronicle of box-office flops led Heigl to turn to the small screen with NBC’s State of Affairs, which was axed after just one season. As if things couldn’t get worse for Heigl her latest show, Doubt, has been pulled from the schedule after only two episodes aired on CBS.

Can’t a girl catch a break?

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According to People, the show hasn’t been technically cancelled because that hasn’t happened for new series yet, but similar changes have been made to shows like Notorious on ABC for which episode orders have already been reduced. Next week, CBS will air a rebroadcast of Bull to replace Doubt, and it’s unclear if the remaining 11 episodes of the courtroom drama will air after its first two episodes produced disappointing audiences. The show also stars Laverne Cox, and Dulé Hill, and we’re honestly hoping that it will come back because it’s such a great cast. 

The stars of Doubt haven’t spoken about the odd cancelation, but they have been actively tweeting to promote the show, making this news all the more heartbreaking.

Even though there have been a long line of disappointments for Katie Heigl, we hope that her career as a badass actress will prevail.

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We are rooting for you and your comeback, Katherine!