Sundi Rose
Updated Dec 18, 2016 @ 8:49 am
Credit: NBC

Kate McKinnon and the folks at SNL are (mostly) in the Christmas spirit, this skit about a lesser known holiday helper called Krinklemouse has us all glad we still believe in Santa.

In the hilarious skit from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon plays Colleen Rafferty, a house guest doesn’t get the same Santa-experience her hosts do. Sharon and Doug (played by Cecily Strong and Casey Affleck) get transported to the North Pole by Christmas magic. They get to eat gingerbread cookies, sing songs with the elves, and celebrate with a jolly, and not at all aggressive, St. Nick.

Ms. Rafferty on the other hand, comes down the stairs just a few minutes too late. She,unfortunately, gets Krinklemouse instead. Krinklemouse is a 9-ft-tall goat man from a German fairytale who travels by dogsled. Instead of being transported by fairy dust and Santa’s magic, Ms. Raffterty is forced to run her way to the North Pole as part of Krinklemouse’s dog team. She’s dragged most of the way, and her sweats don’t make the trip with her.

Things only get worse for Kate McKinnon from there.

The skit is so hilarious, even Kate McKinnon starts to crack up, and you’ll totally see why.

McKinnon is one of SNL’s greatest talents, and her delivery of her nightmare before Christmas is making us laugh out loud, for real. Aside from hearing her describe her “hog taker” and her “log maker” hanging out, her delivery is pretty much perfect. The cigarette smoking, the wardrobe, the nonchalant way she reenacts the boob ram…Kate McKinnon is a comedic genius.

Cecily Strong and Casey Affleck do their best to hold their own, as the three of them face a council on religious phenomena, but McKinnon steals the scene as the brassy, seen-it-all Colleen Rafferty.