Briana Hansen
Updated Dec 29, 2016 @ 1:40 pm

Let’s get real for a second. We need to see more Kaitlin Olson on TV. The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star has kept us cracking up for the past decade on her hit FX show.

And knowing that Kaitlin Olson wants to guest star on Game of Thrones has dreaming all sorts of hilarious ice and fire dreams.

Of course, we’ll get to see much more of Olson in her upcoming raunchy comedy, The Mick. But during a recent interview, the comedic actress admitted that she’d love to make cameos on a few other popular shows. Most notably, she wants to head to Westeros and hang out in the Seven Kingdoms.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Olson was asked which show she’d love guest star on. And she gave the perfect response.

The fact that winter has technically arrived in Westeros is what’s causing the delay in the upcoming season. But we’d still love to see Olson on the show. She’d bring some much needed laughs to keep us warm throughout the cold winter months.

While we realize that Sweet Dee may not be showing up in King’s Landing anytime soon, it’s still fun to imagine. Olson’s quick wit and hilarious physical humor might endear her to Daenerys. The new queen may need a court jester after she eventually takes the Iron Throne.

Of course, Olson’s new show The Mick, looks absolutely perfect for her. And even though we may not see her in the fantasy world of GoT anytime soon, we look forward to seeing lots more of her after it premieres on January 1, 2017.