Emily Baines
December 17, 2016 10:53 am
Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

Julia Roberts is a movie star in a stratosphere few other celebrities reach. She’s not just famous, she’s world famous. (And if there are aliens, you can bet they know about Julia!) Her movies have been translated and quoted throughout the planet. Basically, if Julia Roberts steps outside without sunglasses, she gets immediately recognized.

Yet, part of her mystique has been her refusal to do anything but movies (and one brief HBO special) — until now. Perhaps recognizing that there is some incredible TV being made right now, Julia Roberts will star in the TV series based on Maria Semple’s hilarious novel Today Will Be Different. We know Julia Roberts only only does projects she believes in. So this show must be something very, very special.

Here’s what we know about Julia Roberts’ new TV project:

First of all, the book the series is based on centers on a woman forced to confront her messed up life in one very, very long day. So it will be fascinating to see how this is translated into a full series. And this “limited series” will be Julia Roberts’ first television project.

The show is being spearheaded by Hollywood businesswoman extraordinaire Megan Ellison who, under her Annapurna production company, has already released some very impressive films.

The author, Maria Semple, and Annapurna are also working with the company on a film adaptation of her novel Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, which stars Cate Blanchett and is directed by Richard Linklater. So mark that on your list of things to watch!

No network is attached yet—so the limited series could appear on cable television, Netflix, Amazon, or a host of other options.

The book’s author Maria Semple released a statement saying:

We would be pretty giddy, too! We can’t wait to watch this new TV series. Hopefully it arrives on a channel that allows us to binge watch it immediately!