Alyssa Thorne
November 30, 2017 1:39 pm

The TV adaptation of Good Omens is already the gift that keeps on giving — especially since Jon Hamm is involved. And now, as proof of the fact that Amazon knows exactly what we want out of life and this show, we have the first picture of Jon Hamm as the Angel Gabriel. We think that Jon Hamm looks heavenly, like, literally every minute he’s alive…but he looks especially divine in his Gabriel get-up.

Writer Neil Gaiman shared the first pic on Twitter, and he seems to understand our enthusiasm over this development.

He captioned the image of a ~super dreamy~ Jon Hamm in a powder blue suit complete with an angelic, artfully draped scarf…

A THING OF BEAUTY, INDEED. If you’d like to share the religious experience we’re having right now, please direct your mind, body, and spirit to the image below. Nothing less will do. Glory to Hamm in the highest, Amen.

We’re extra excited about the prospect of Jon Hamm bringing this angel to life because Gabriel only alluded to in the Good Omens book. But the team plans to flesh out the character, so Hamm will play a larger role in the adaptation. While we sometimes get a little nervous when adaptations change up too much of the source material we love, we totally trust Neil Gaiman and Jon Hamm to make Gabriel worth our while.

TBH, he already is.